I Believe in Trinity


Dr. Jeff Vickers began his ministry as a young musician-evangelist, singing and preaching at Christian youth and evangelistic outreach meetings. Dr. Jeff has, since then, served as a youth director for a Methodist mission, a stipendiary catechist (teacher) in the Anglican Church, a home missionary for the Presbyterian Church, a pastor in several Pentecostal churches, and the founder/director of an international church-planting and Bible-teaching ministry.

Since 1999, Dr. Jeff has taught Christian doctrine in Bible colleges, ministry training schools, and Christian education centers in Australia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Pakistan, Nepal, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Shanghai, South Korea, the Philippines, and the United States of America.

Dr Jeff’s academic achievements include an Associate Diploma in Bible Studies, Diploma of Ministry, Bachelor of Ministry, Bachelor of Arts in Theology, Master of Theology, Doctorate in Theology, Doctorate in Ministry, and a PhD in Christian Education.